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California Proposition 65

About California Proposition 65

At De'Longhi Group, we take product safety very seriously and included the Proposition 65 warning as required by the state of California in product packaging. California's Proposition 65 includes over 900 chemicals/substances that may be found in many consumer products, or that may be associated with the use of consumer products. Proposition 65 requirements are among the most stringent in the world and new warning regulations will be effective for all products by August 30, 2018.

What is Proposition 65 (Prop 65)?

Proposition 65 requires “clear and reasonable” warnings about exposures to certain chemicals that California has determined cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Products containing one or more Proposition 65 chemicals identified by California must be sold with a compliant on-product warning (i.e., on the product’s packaging for a packaged product, or otherwise affixed to the product for products that are not contained within packaging). Prop 65 requirements are among the most stringent found globally and exceed US federal safety and exposure guidelines as noted only for the state of California. For more information please visit the official Prop 65 site.

What are the new Prop 65 requirements?

The new regulations include changes to listed chemicals and specific requirements for how warnings required for products containing identified chemicals must be provided. Manufacturers may test for the ~900 chemicals noted by the state of California to verify that none are present or they must place the appropriate warning on the product packaging and website. All products may now need a Proposition 65 warning, even if a warning was not previously required.

Models with Warning Applied

PAC EX390UVCare-6A WH0-44387-15145-0
DD45PE-X (X0148840208)044387120456
DD50PE-X (X0148850208)044387150507
DD70PE-X (X0148870201)044387100700
EC680BK-X (X0132106142)044387681421
EC680M-X (X0132106100)044387681001
EC680R-X (X0132106126)044387681261
ECAM22110B (XO132213111)044387122122
ECAM22110SB (XO132213040)044387022125
ECAM22110SB (XO132213092)044387022132
ECAM23120SB (XO132213130)044387231213
ECAM23210B - X (X0132213113 )044387131131
ECAM23210B (X0132213114 )044387131148
ECAM23210B (XO132213028)044387232111
ECAM23210SB (X0132213114)044387012324
ECAM23210SB (XO132213032)044387012331
ECAM23260SB (XO132215232)044387232616
ECAM23260SB (XO132215293)044387152938
ECAM23450SL (XO132215123)044387234511
ECAM23460S (XO132215258)044387234610
ECAM23460S (XO132215292)044387234627
ECAM25462S (X0132215294)044387264525
ECAM25462S (XO132215218)044387264532
ECAM26455M (XO132215147)044387264563
ECAM28465B (X0132215215)044387284660
ECAM28465M (XO132215217)044387824668
ECAM45760B (XO132215282)044387457620
ESAM04110S (X0132212175)044387341110
ESAM3300 (XO132213012)044387233026
ESAM3500.N (XO132215019)044387235020
ESAM5500B (XO132215047)044387055024
ESAM5500M (XO132215043)044387255028
ESAM5600SL (XO132215132)044387156011
ESAM6600 (XO132215018)044387166010
ESAM6620 (XO132215101)044387066211
ESAM6700 (X0132217008)044387167017
ESAM6900 (XO132219002)044387069014
PACAN270G1W-1A WH-X044387122764
PACAN270G1W-3A WH-X044387322706
PACAN280G1W-3A LG-X044387322805
PACAN280HG1W-3A DG-X044387422802
PACAN285GN-3A WH-X044387132855
PACAN285HGN-3A BK044387152853
PACAN285HGN-3A DG044387162852
PACCN120E EX1-X044387351287
PACEL275HGRKC-1A WH-X044387242752
PACEL275HGRKC-3A WH-X044387342759
PACEL290HLWKC-1A BK-X044387239066
PACEX140ES.WH - X (X0151854000)044387914055
PACEX270LN-3A BW-X044387159067
PACEX270LN-3A DG-X044387149068
PACEX270LN-3A WH-X044387142700
PACEX290HL-3A BK-X044387269063
PACEX290LN -1A BK-X044387249065
PACN270GN-3A WH-X044387102766